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Golden Dairy

“Where it’s fun to be hungry!”

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Founded in 1970 by Oral and Carl Bailey, Golden Dairy is a true and historical piece of Rogersville. Oral’s children own and operate the restaurant and serve many of the fine citizens of Hawkins and surrounding counties. We are known for our wonderful milkshakes, tasteful hot dogs, and the amazing Golden Burger. So, stop by, tell us hello, and grab something to eat along the way! 

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The Menu

Burgers and Sandwiches 

Golden Giant Burger $4.00

Golden Giant Burger with Cheese $4.50

Golden Burger $2.80

Golden Burger with Cheese $3.00

Regular Burger  $1.75

Regular Burger with Cheese $1.90

Fried Chicken Sandwich $2.75

BBQ Sandwich $3.50

Fish Sandwich $.3.50

Chuckwagon Sandwich $3.00

Ham Sandwich $3.00

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $2.50

BLT Sandwich $2.85

Footlong Hot Dog $2.50

Footlong Chili Bun $1.50

Regular Hot Dog $2.00

Regular Chili Bun $1.25

*Extras such such cheese, bacon, and chili require an upcharge.*


Golden Giant Burger Plate $6.00

Golden Giant Burger Plate with Cheese $6.50

 Golden Burger Plate $5.00

Golden Burger Plate with Cheese $5.25

Regular Burger Plate $4.00

Regular Burger Plate with Cheese $4.25

Fried Chicken Sandwich Plate $4.75

BBQ Sandwich Plate $5.75

Fish Sandwich Plate $5.75

Ham Sandwich Plate $5.50

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Plate $4.50

Chuckwagon Sandwich Plate $5.50

BLT Sandwich Plate $5.25

Footlong Hot Dog Plate $5.00

Regular Hot Dog Plate $3.75

Footlong Chili Bun Plate $4.00

Regular Chili Bun Plate $3.00

*All dinners above come with fries and cole slaw. Substitutions require an upcharge.*

Hamburger Steak Plate $6.00

*Dinner comes with fries, cole slaw, and rolls. Substitutions require an upcharge.*

Chicken Strip Plate $6.00

*Dinner comes with three chicken strips, broasted potatoes, cole slaw, and rolls and your choice of one dipping sauce(BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch) Substitutions require an upcharge.*

Fried Fish Plate $6.00

Shrimp Plate $6.50

*Dinners come with fries, cole slaw, and hush puppies. Substitutions require an upcharge.*

Open Faced Roast Beef $6.00

*Dinner comes with roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, and two slices of bread.*

Toss Salad- Includes your choice of one dressing (Lettuce and Tomato only. Add-ons require an upcharge.) $2.50

Chef Salad - Includes you choice of two dressings (Lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham, and bacon bits). $4.00

*Dressings include Ranch, French, Italian, Honey Mustard, and Thousand Island.*

Sides and Snacks

French Fries: Small $1.75, Large $2.10

Onion Rings: Small $1.75, Large $2.10

Tator Tots: Small $1.75, Large $2.10

Broasted Potatoes: Small $1.75, Large $2.10

Curly Fries $2.75

Corn Dog $1.50

Breaded Mushrooms $3.00

Chicken Fries $3.00

Mini Corn Dogs $3.00

Chicken Nuggets: Small $.99, Large $1.99

Hush puppies: Small $1.00, Large $2.00

Chili Cheese Fries or Tots: Small $2.75, Large $3.10

Popcorn Shrimp: 1/4 lb. $2.50, 1/2 lb. $3.50, 1lb. $6.00


Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Oreo, Butterfinger, Peanut Butter, Blue Raspberry, Caramel, Hot Fudge

16 ounce $2.50

20 ounce $3.00

32 ounce $4.50

44 ounce $5.00

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cone: Child $.75, Adult $1.50

Ice Cream Cups

12 ounce $2.00

16 ounce $2.25

20 ounce $2.50

32 ounce $3.55

44 ounce $4.15

*Flavors available: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Swirl*


Chocolate, Hot Fudge, Strawberry, Cherry, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Caramel, Peanut Butter, Oreo, and Banana

12 ounce $2.25

16 ounce $2.50

20 ounce $3.00

32 ounce $4.00

44 ounce $5.00

*Wet walnuts on sundaes require an upcharge.*

Hot Fudge Cake $3.00, with nuts $3.25

Banana Split $4.75

Banana Hot Fudge Nut $3.50


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea 

16 ounce $1.10

20 ounce $1.30

32 ounce $1.50

44 ounce $2.00

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4002 TN-66, Rogersville, TN 37857, USA

(423) 272-2000

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Hours of Operation

Walk-up Window or Call In Orders

Monday - Sunday 11am -7 pm

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